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101 Silly Christmas Jokes for Kids


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Editors of Ulysses Press

Trade Paperback, 112 pages

Looking for some jokes that will really sleigh? You found them! 101 Silly Christmas Jokes for Kids is filled with funny, delightful knock-knocks and gut-busters that kids will love reading, sharing and telling.

Discover the ultimate laugh-out-loud joke book for kids that's 100% all about everyone's favorite time of year—Christmas! Inside, kids will find clean, fun jokes like: What does a snowman eat for breakfast? Frosted Flakes What does a vampire snowman give you? Frostbite What do you call a really old snowman? A puddle Why can’t Santa spell “holidays”? He has Noel What’s the only thing a snowman can smell? Carrots . . . .And many more!!