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Albert Le Blanc

Story Cupboard Book Fairs

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Butterworth, Nick

Paperback, 32 pages

Albert Le Blanc is a large, fluffy, white, toy polar bear who appears one day in the window of Mr Jolly's toy shop. He immediately becomes the focus of the other toys' curiosity--because he's the most sad and dejected-looking creature they've ever seen. They decide that Albert has lost his smile and resolve to cheer him up by putting on a show. The toys scramble to work on their party pieces--from Pickle the mouse's disastrous joke-telling to Sally the ballet-loving hippopotamus' funny dance routine (although she thinks it's "beautiful and artistic" and few of the toys would dare to disagree). Poor Albert is subjected to the show, despite his attempts to protest that he isn't really miserable, it's just the way his face has been made. But it's Sally's dancing finale that has an unexpected outcome for everyone, especially Albert.