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Around the World in 80 Tales


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Pirotta, Saviour

Trade Paperback, 176 pages

Take a trip around the world and discover a classic tale from 80 different countries. Around the World in 80 Tales is written by renowned author and playwright Saviour Pirotta and beautifully illustrated by the brilliant Richard Johnson. Readers can journey across six continents, with entertaining folktales from dozens of countries, including the U.S., Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Russia, Germany, Australia, Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.

This delightful collection is an excellent introduction to countries and cultures, enriching readers' appreciation of diversity around the world. Stories include a dragon princess in China, a spell-casting Sioux grandmother, a helpful friend from Spain, and a rainbow snake from Venezuela; children will meet wonderful characters as they travel story-by-story around the globe. A perfect book for schools and libraries, and also for parents and children to read together at bedtime.