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August the Tiger


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van Ditshuizen, Marieke & van Ditshuizen, Marieke

Trade Paperback, 32 pages

A funny picture book from a leading Dutch children's book author and illustrator

August is a tiger, that's for sure, because Mom always says he's wild.
And tigers are wild, so August must be a tiger.
But what if he becomes a real tiger?

A funny and imaginative picture book about an energetic boy for wild tigers ages four and up.


"An imaginative and playful escapade ' A boy named August can't help but make a carefree mess. His mom admonishes him with a smile, ??August, don't act so WILD!' The stripe-shirted boy reasons, ??tigers are WILD, so [he] must be a TIGER.' Mom relocates the rambunctious August to the sandbox. Bemoaning his banishment, August wants to yell, but, instead, he lets loose a roar. Surprised, he realizes he has turned into an actual, child-sized tiger. He leaves his backyard and carouses in his new feline freedom, hunting prey (a butterfly; a zebra-striped crosswalk). August finds his friends at the park, but they run away in fear, not recognizing him. Sad and alone, he hears his mom calling. After running home, tiger and mom good-naturedly roughhouse until August, now back in human form, is ready for bed. August declares that he's done being a tiger, but, since ??tomorrow is another day,' he might be a dinosaur! ... [T]he illustrations serve the straightforward story well. Paintbrush effects keep visuals smooth, as when giving tiger fur its apropos softness, and even the urban elements seem arcadian. The tiny ears and tail that appear as August wishes to be a real tiger are well-placed hints at the change to comesome of the many elements for readers to laugh at and explore."

About the Author

Marieke van Ditshuizen always wanted to be a children's book illustrator. She experiments with different materials and techniques, and writes her own stories with a lot of imagination. She is driven by children's curiosity and the fact that they can marvel at everything: from a small beetle on a branch to the person on the moon. With her books she offers children a magical world in which everything is possible.