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Bienvenidos a la escuela dedo torcido / The Terribles #1: Welcome to Stubtoe El ementary


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Nichols, Travis

Trade Paperback, 240 pages

QUIZÁS SEAN MONSTRUOS, ¡PERO TAMBIÉN SON NIÑOS! BUENO... MÁS O MENOS... Una divertidísima aventura en el mundo de los monstruos perfecta para los fans de Hotel Transylvania.

¡Son unos VAMPIROS, FANTASMAS, HOMBRES LOBO y MOMIAS la mar de majos! Van al colegio, hacen los deberes, juegan a susto o muerte, montan grupos de música con una EXTRATERRESTRE del mismísimo espacio exterior y hacen amigos... ¡incluso a veces los construyen!



The Terribles might be monsters, but they're also kids, just like you! Well, sort of. This hilarious peek into the world of vampires, mummies, swamp-things, and bigfoots is perfect for fans of the Hotel Transylvania movies.

Vampires, mummies, and gelatinous balls of goo (oh my!). That's right, monsters are real and they've settled down on the quiet island of Creep's Cove. It's a pretty typical place: houses, stores, portals to various nightmarish parallel dimensions. And a school for the kiddos.

Meet the crew: 
Vlad, a fame-thirsty vampire,
Allie, a stuffed animal-dissecting alien,
Lizzie, a short-tempered kaiju,
and SO many others!
Told in alternating chapters, comics, poems, charts, and activities focused on different classic spooky characters, this story is the introduction to monsters you humans have been waiting for.