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Bonaparte Plays Ball

Story Cupboard Book Fairs

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Cuyler, Margery & Terry, Will

Hardcover, 40 pages

*Join a skeleton named Bonaparte and his teammates as they compete in the Weird Series--a monster version of the World Serie* s --in this picture book perfect for fans of baseball and silly monsters alike!****

It's the Weird Series and Bonaparte's team, the Little Monsters, are gearing up to play against the Mighty Aliens for the championship title.

The competition is fierce and Bonaparte, of course, is a jumble of bones. What if he loses his backbone while at bat? What if the Mighty Aliens make fun of him?

With bullies on the other team and the bases loaded, will Bonaparte be able to hold himself together and hit a home run without losing his head?

Fans of Bonaparte Falls Apart will delight in seeing this cast of monstrous friends band together to overcome their nerves and remain good sports as they play the game of their lives! **