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Bunny Learns to Share


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Clever Publishing & Razumova, Alena

Board Book, 20 pages

Learning how to share toys, food, and other items with siblings and friends can be very difficult for toddlers. In this lighthearted and encouraging board book, Bunny is a big boy now--and he's learning how to share with his younger sister. He wants to play with his red truck, but his sister picked it up first. Should he take the red truck away, or find another toy to play with until it's his turn to have the red truck? When Bunny feels hungry, he goes to the kitchen for a snack and sees one banana. But his sister wants the banana, too. Should Bunny keep the banana all to himself? Or should he break it in half and give some to his sister? The reassuring message that it's okay and good to share is repeated throughout the story. Engaging prompts encourage children to find objects on the page and "Clap for Bunny" when he shows a positive behavior, while questions such as "What should Bunny do?" encourage thought and interactive reading. A step-by-step summary at the end of the book highlights Bunny's accomplishments and provides a simple way for parents and children to recall and discuss the events in the story.