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Maloney, Brenna & Mottram, Dave

Hardcover with dust jacket, 384 pages

The praying mantis is the only animal on Earth with one ear—and it’s in the middle of its chest. Aphids are born pregnant. Moths can’t fly during an earthquake. If you didn’t know these things, you soon will. Packed full of jaw-dropping facts, Buzzkill presents the big picture on bugs. You might think ew, gross. Insects are icky. Or scary. Or dangerous. They can be. But there’s so much more you need to know.

Insects play a critical role on our planet, from sustenance to pollination to medicines and more. Brenna Maloney tackles both the wacky and weird, as well as threats to insects and their habitats, their possible extinction, and ways that everyday people, like you, can prevent their decline.

Find out what all the buzz is about!Godwin BooksA JUNIOR LIBRARY GUILD GOLD STANDARD TITLE