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Can I Give You a Kiss?


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Bourdeverre-Veyssiere, Soline & Fruy, Chloe

Hardcover Paper over boards, 36 pages

A beautifully illustrated story designed to start the much-needed conversation about consent. Cassie is a little girl full of life and imagination who loves singing, playing in mud, dancing, and especially reading. Today, she reads a story about kissing to an audience of her stuffed animals and toys. She answers all of their assumed questions while she reads: Who can I kiss? Who can kiss me? How should a kiss make me feel? Are there different types of kisses? How do I ask if I can kiss someone? How do I say no if I don't want to be kissed? This children’s book discusses consent in a sweet and open way so that both children and adults can better understand how to respect one another when it comes to giving kisses and hugs. Teaching today’s children (and tomorrow’s adults) about consent is critical to the development of their self-respect and their respect for other people. But this sometimes also requires teaching today’s adults that they can't steal a nonconsensual kiss from a child just because they are a child. Information at the back of Can I Give You a Kiss? will help parents and caregivers teach consent to the children and adults in their lives.