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Carag's Transformation


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Brandis, Katja & Ward, Rachel

Hardcover, 200 pages

A wonderful new middle grade series in shapeshifting genre!At first glance, Carag looks like a normal boy. But behind his shining eyes hides a secret: Carag is a puma shapeshifter and has only recently started living in the human world. Half human, half mountain lion, Carag grew up in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. He can’t help but wonder what life as a human would be like even though his curiosity divides him with his family of mountain lions and puts him in great danger. When he finds out about a secret boarding school for Woodwalkers like him, that he felt a sense of home. He makes friends in Holly, a cheeky red squirrel, and Brandon, a shy bison. And Carag can really use it - because the world of Woodwalkers is full of puzzles and dangers...