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Dear Friends


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Greenwald, Lisa

Hardcover, 336 pages

From Lisa Greenwald, the beloved author of the TBH and Friendship List series, comes a novel about one girl's mission to revisit her top 5 friendship fails and prove she's totally best friend material! Eleni is the kind of person who's always had a BFF--an automatic, guaranteed by-her-side person--at home, at school, and at camp. And since before she was even born, her very best friend has been Sylvie Bank. But when Sylvie's end-of-summer birthday party becomes the end of their friendship, Eleni can't picture starting middle school without her BFF by her side. She can't picture anything without her BFF--especially the looming school overnight. Who will she even room with So before the big overnight, Eleni sets out on a mission: to figure out where her friendships went wrong, what's wrong with her, and what makes a good friend. But if she's totally honest, there's only one real goal: to win back Sylvie Bank!