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Democracy for Dinosaurs


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Krasny Brown, Laurie & Brown, Marc

Hardcover Picture Book, 32 pages

From the bestselling, trusted team behind the Dino Tales: Life Guides for Families series comes this introductory guide that encourages young readers to become engaged citizens of the world.
This essential, kid-friendly nonfiction guide isn't just for families looking to share genuinely patriotic values during an election year -- it's for everyone. Using accessible dinosaur characters and clear language, D emocracy for Dinosaurs explores key civic values on every adult's mind and helps show ** young readers how the things they do every single day can be guided by principles we must share in a democratic society: freedom, fairness, the rule of law, equality, respect for free speech, and respect for the truth. By modeling accessible ways to practice being a good citizen, children will understand they are part of their country and that they have an important role to play.

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