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Dogs of the Deadlands


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McGowan, Anthony

B-format Paperback, 320 pages

‘This book! It broke my heart and then splinted it back together again. Full of hope and love and wildness... Imagine Watership Down meets The Animals of Farthing Wood but fiercer.’ Hannah Gold, author of The Last BearChernobyl, 1986. Without humans, how will dogs survive? As humans fled the nuclear disaster, they were forced to leave their pets behind. Without people, nature began to return to the woods surrounding the power plant—lynx, bear, and wolves. But the overgrown forest is no place for dogs. Can Zoya, and her pups Misha and Luka, learn to survive in the deadlands? And will Zoya ever find her way home to her beloved owner?Praise for Anthony McGowan:‘McGowan's prose is beautiful in its brevity and devastating in its emotional impact.’ Bookseller ‘The Carnegie medal winner McGowan is superb at stories about children who do not have all the advantages.’ The Sunday Times