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Elvin Link, Please Report to the Principal's Office!

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Dernavich, Drew & Dernavich, Drew

Hardcover with dust jacket, 224 pages

Meet an irrepressible kid doodler-turned-sketch artist, in this breakout illustrated diary fiction mystery from Drew Dernavich, Elvin Link, Please Report to the Principal's Office.

Meet Elvin Link―slacker, notorious doodler, and the only kid in fifth grade who hasn't (yet) received a wedgie from the school bully Peter Zorber. Can Elvin navigate the last few weeks of school without getting into trouble for his incessant doodling? How will he steer clear of the class wedgie-master? And is it possible to turn a hobby into a crime fighting skill and solve a school mystery? Elvin Link is about to find out all the answers, and he'll do it with a flip disc in one hand and a bottle of hot sauce in the other!

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