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Terry, Teri

Trade Paperback, 416 pages

Now available in paperback, Evolution is the the thrilling conclusion to the Dark Matter Trilogy: a showdown between Shay and her father brings this sci-fi trilogy to a satisfying close. Shay has left Kai once again by following Alex to his Multiverse compound. Her goal is to find the real Callie, but Shay discovers that the younger girl has no memory of her past. Their best hope is to leave the community. While Shay pretends to be a devoted follower, Alex makes his own plans to use Shay to spread the epidemic he caused. The few survivors will be only those who evolve special abilities and are worthy of building a new society with Alex as leader. The opportunistic Freja further poisons Kai's memories of his girlfriend. Angry and hurt, Kai doubles down on his mission to reveal that his former stepfather is behind the epidemic, but he has little luck convincing the authorities--until it's almost too late to save Shay from a fate worse than death.