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Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile


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Messenger, Shannon

Trade Paperback, 592 pages

Sophie befriends the mythical Alicorn—and puts her mysterious powers to the test—in this enchanting sequel to Keeper of the Lost Cities.

Sophie is settling in nicely to her new home and her new life in the world of the lost cities. And it helps that living at Havenfield means getting to spend time with rare, precious species—including the first female Alicorn, who shows herself to Sophie and trusts no one but her.

Sophie is tasked with helping to train the magical creature so that the Alicorn can be revealed to the people of the lost cities as a sign of hope, and Sophie wants to believe that the recent drama and anguish is gone for good.

But the secrets buried deep in Sophie’s memories remain, and before long before she’s back in incredible danger, risking everything to find the answers to questions that could save not only her life, but the life of someone close to her…


From School Library Journal

Gr 5–8—This sequel to Keeper of the Lost Cities (S & S, 2012) continues the story of Sophie Foster, the girl who was brought up as human but who is really an elf with engineered DNA, which has conferred enormous power on her. She now lives with the elves in Havenfield, and has been adopted by a couple whose daughter died. Sophie tries to integrate into the elf community and be a regular kid at school. Her powers of telepathy and psychic healing, however, set her firmly apart as she helps to capture and train a unique alicorn (one with wings). As the mystery of the Black Swan group and their true allegiance continues, Sophie tries to help heal the broken minds of certain elves crucial to uncovering the secret. Clearly the middle book in a series, this title works best for readers familiar with the first book. There is plenty of action, but the story of Sophie's origins, the Black Swan and their role, and the struggle to save the world of the elves does not progress significantly. This installment lacks the sense of urgency and emotional connection of the first title.—Sue Giffard, Ethical Culture Fieldston School, New York City

From Booklist

Sophie Foster returns in Messenger’s strong sequel to Keeper of the Lost Cities (2012), about a 12-year-old girl who discovers she is able to read minds, a result of her elven heritage. Now living at Havenfield in the Lost Cities, surrounded by her elven guardians and friends and still facing a big learning curve about her new life as an elf, Sophie makes an unprecedented find when she stumbles upon Silveny, the only female alicorn in existence. This new twist carries the story along new paths that are refreshingly clear of the usual doom and gloom accompanying middle books in series, although there are ominous contacts from the furtive Black Swan group. Although her second year at Foxfire Academy figures in, the plot spends more time on Sophie’s after-school activities and her relationships with friends—Keefe in particular—and family. A satisfying follow-up for series fans that sets up anticipation for the next book. Grades 4-7. --Julie Trevelyan