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Lang, Heidi & Bartkowski, Kati

Hardcover, 368 pages

In this spine-tingling final book in the Whispering Pines middle grade series that’s Stranger Things meets The X-Files, Caden searches for a way to destroy the creatures from the Other Place for good while Rae tries to free her father from the sinister Green On!.After more than a year of searching, Rae finally has a lead on her missing father: he’s being kept prisoner by the shady alternative energy company, Green On!. Now all she has to do is rescue him—even though that means battling her way through the alien-infested Watchful Woods to reach him. But her father isn’t the only secret they have locked up, and if Rae wants to free him, she’ll first have to make a deal with someone who has betrayed her in the past. With the Other Place gone and all the aliens sealed within the Watchful Woods, Caden believes his family’s worries are over at last—until he discovers that the magical seal keeping the creatures contained is near collapse. If they manage to escape the woods, there will be no stopping them from ravaging the town and the world beyond. Caden only has one choice: he must find a way to destroy the creatures once and for all. Even if it means destroying everything in the woods. Including his friends. With the fate of Whispering Pines hanging by a thread, it’s a desperate race against the clock as Rae and Caden fight to save the people they love—and the strange, wonderful town they call home.