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From Honey With Love


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Paul, Allen & Kotze, Amira

Trade Paperback, 144 pages

In From Honey With Love, Honey—a swamp dog living in the wild—tells her own harrowing story in a charming southern voice. Barely a year old, her high-stakes drama begins when she gets trapped and nearly shot. Convinced that she’s a coyote or a “ditch dog,” trappers want to wipe out her breed, perhaps the oldest in North America. But Honey gets rescued by Miss Jane and taken to Banbury Cross Farm, where she rescues and raises Honey’s breed—the Carolina Dog or American Dingo.

At the farm, Honey quickly bonds with Mr. Billy, the Field Master for fox hunters, and Ace, the farm manager. They quickly bond as a pack, like the one Honey left in the swamp.

Honey’s quickness causes Ace, Miss Jane, and Mr. Billy to train her to become an agility champion. How she runs the race of her life, and how the killers in the swamp get caught, lives in legend. Along the way, Honey learns a lesson she’ll never forget: the strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf.