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Fun with 50 States


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Claesen, Nicole & Ferrandez, Candela

Trade Paperback, 128 pages

The big book of surprising facts and 100+ amazing activities featuring our fascinating, unique, wacky 50 states! Welcome to the wild and wonderful United States of America! With 50 states, a capital in Washington, DC, and several territories, our country is home to spectacular national parks, exciting cities, and stunning vistas—as well as the only place in the world where you can dig for diamonds and keep them, the largest tree in the world, and the only place in the world where alligators and crocodiles live together! In this book, you’ll discover where to find the only royal palace in the United States, a river that flows backwards, and the smallest park in the country (and the world!). This awesome travel activity book helps 6–10 year-olds: LEARN fascinating and often weird facts about each state, Washington, DC, and five territories, including their unique history, landscape, and attractions. Kids will learn valuable geography skills, too!DIG DEEP INTO 100+ ACTIVITIES—ranging from mazes, dot-to-dots, and word searches to coloring pages, crack the code, and matching games—that teach even more about the states and territories and reinforce what kids have already learned.

LEAP AHEAD OF CLASSMATES in knowing where the 50 states are located, plus each state’s capital, flower, bird, nickname, and more. Whether you want to learn more about your amazing country, take a virtual trip that reveals hidden attractions, or have fun with activities and wacky facts, Fun with 50 States is an educational and exciting guided tour of the USA.