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Ghee Happy Gods


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Patel, Sanjay

Board Book, 16 pages

A vibrantly illustrated board book inspired by Sanjay Patel's animated Netflix show, Ghee Happy, featuring Hindu deities as toddlers! In the world of Sanjay Patel, creator of the Oscar-nominated Pixar short Sanjay's Super Team, the bold, bright colors of India leap off the page and screen. In his new children's book, drawn from Indian mythology, you'll meet the many faces (and arms) of the mighty Hindu gods! With dynamic illustrations and colorful tabs for each god, this eye-catching board book introduces the youngest readers to Hindu gods Ganesha, Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Rama, and Krishna. Get them together, and anything is possible. INSPIRED BY THE NETFLIX SHOW: The same deities in this book are featured in Sanjay Patel's Netflix show, which stars the Hindu gods and goddesses as tiny toddlers in preschool! NOTABLE CREATOR: Patel produced a short based on his life, Sanjay's Super Team, with Pixar, and Netflix's Ghee Happy series. His brand, Ghee Happy, has reached an eager audience with books, museum exhibitions, and merchandise. He is also the author of the popular picture book Ramayana, a twenty-first century retelling of a classic 2500-year-old story. VIBRANT & GIFTABLE: Ghee Happy Gods and companion volume Ghee Happy Goddesses are perfect for baby showers and first birthdays, as families welcome their own little gods and goddesses to the world and introduce them to the Hindu deities. DIVERSE CHILDRENS BOOKS: Featuring lovable characters and a light narrative, this book provides a fresh and accessible way for families who practice Hinduism to see themselves and celebrate. It's also a wonderful resource for Hindu parents, caregivers, and educators to introduce young readers to their own religious beliefs and promote religious literacy for all. PERFECT FOR LITTLE HANDS: With sturdy tabs, rounded corners, and simple profiles, this book provides a fun approach to learning and identifying each Hindu deity. Perfect for: Parents and grandparents looking for entertaining board books for toddlers Readers who love Hindu mythology and adventure tales Educational material for classroom or homeschool curriculum Anyone looking for children's literature featuring Indian mythology Gift giving for Diwali, baby shower, birthday, or any special occasion Fans of Ganesha's Sweet Tooth, Pixar's Sanjay's Super Team, and Netflix's Ghee Happy