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Ghoulia and the Doomed Manor (Ghoulia Book #4)

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Cantini, Barbara

Hardcover Paper over boards, 64 pages

In Book 4 of this Tim Burton-inspired chapter book series, Ghoulia and her family hit the road for summer vacation Ghoulia, Auntie Departed, and Uncle Misfortune are ready for a vacation. They pack up their things and head to Fancy Manor to visit Cousin Dilbert and Auntie Witch. Fancy Manor is nice and rundown, and it's on Lake Mystery--with lots of opportunity for swimming and other summer fun. But there's a hitch in the plan. Because Fancy Manor seems abandoned, the town plans to reclaim the property in just a few days unless a living heir comes forward. Will Ghoulia be able to brew a Return to Life potion strong enough to convince the staff at town hall that this zombie family is actually alive?