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Girl Who Loves Bugs


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Murray, Lily & Løvlie, Jenny

Hardcover, 32 pages

A humorous, sweet story about what happens when a passionate girl brings her outside interest indoors.

From the author-illustratorteam of A Dress With Pockets comes The Girl Who Loves Bugs. Evie LOVES bugs, but no one around her seems to understand. While Evie would rather spend all her time outside studying insects, her moms hurry her indoors to prepare the house for company. Everything needs to be PERFECT for her Great-Gran and the rest of their extended family. But Evie doesn’t want the fun to be over, and she has a great idea... to bring her bugs inside! Despite her best efforts to keep her little friends hidden, before she knows it the family reunion is totally ruined! With the unexpected help of Great-Gran –who turns out to be a bug-enthusiast too—Evie learns that her interest in bugs is what makes her special (and that the happiest place for bugs to be is outside where they belong).