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Good Thinking

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Grimes, David Robert

Trade Paperback, 400 pages

Good Thinking is our best defense against anti-vaccine paranoia, climate denial, and other dire threats of today In a world where cries of “fake news” and mistrust of experts often hold sway, we can be misled all too easily. Consider: Wi-Fi is radiation. Some cancers are caused by radiation. Thus, Wi-Fi causes cancer. Sound convincing? In Good Thinking, David Robert Grimes helps us identify seductive and destructive bad logic. Take the “fallacy of the undistributed middle”: The ancient Greek philosophers are dead. Jimi Hendrix is dead. Thus, Jimi Hendrix was a Greek philosopher. In closing such logical loopholes, Grimes dismantles dangerous conspiracy theories and common misconceptions. (Wi-Fi does not cause cancer, and Hendrix did not jam with Socrates.) Packed with fascinating characters—from a murderous pope to a superstitious pigeon—Good Thinking can help us fight willful ignorance and plain old irrationality in all its forms.