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Grannie Rattle Cakes and One-Half Ron 1 What a Bona Fide Pair


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Jensen, Natalie & Gesas, Claudia

Paperback, 36 pages

Grannie Rattle Cakes is throwing a Rattle Dance party in her bakery late Halloween night. Every skeleton is invited and is eagerly waiting for all the “people-parties” to end and trick-or-treaters to get tucked into bed. Then, the skeletons will dust off their bones, leave their poses, drop from their perches, and enjoy an uproarious night of showing off their snappy moves.

Grannie notices a little dog skeleton who has not joined the dancing. It is One-Half Ron. She invites him to dance with her, and oh, what fun they have. When the night is done, all the other skeletons must get back to their places. When Grannie learns One-half Ron has no place to frolic back to, it tears at her ribcage. However, she has the solution. Grannie invites him to stay in the bakery with her. They seal the deal with a one-half kiss and become bona fide, ossified companions.