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Greeking Out


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Curtis, Kenny & Hughes, Jillian

Hardcover, 192 pages

From the creators of National Geographic Kids' wildly successful Greeking Out podcast, this lively tie-in book delivers a clever tongue-in-cheek retelling of 20 classic Greek myths. This kid-friendly collection of tales from Greek mythology showcases familiar favorites from the well-loved Greeking Out podcast as well as brand-new, never-before-aired stories. Join Persephone on her journey through the mystifying depths of the Underworld. Venture onwards with Heracles as he tackles his 12 death-defying labors. And join mythological figures you may not have heard of before, including scheming gods and goddesses, honorable--and not so honorable--heroes, and magnificent monsters. Dynamic, playful illustrations coupled with laugh-out-loud storytelling and real information about ancient Greece--delivered by the all-knowing Oracle of Wi-Fi--make this collection of fabulous fables a fresh addition to any history-lover's library.