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Grumpy Monkey: ¡Aqui no duerme nadie! / Grumpy Monkey Up All Night


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Lang, Suzanne & Lang, Max

Hardcover, 32 pages

Descubre a Gruñón, el álbum superventas del New York Times. El mono más cascarrabias regresa con una nueva aventura llena de humor. Una serie ideal para ayudar a los más pequeños a lidiar con las emociones negativas. Han invitado a Jim Pancé a una fiesta de pijamas y el pequeño mono está decidido a pasarla bien, a no dormirse ¡y a mantener despiertos a sus amigos? ¿Lo conseguirá? ENGLISH DESCRIPTION Everyone's favorite New York Times bestselling Grumpy Monkey is back in this hilarious bedtime story about dealing with frustration when you don't get to do what you want! Have you ever stayed up way past your bedtime? Jim Panzee certainly has. Jim is going to a slumber party and there's LOTS to do. Jim plans on bobbing for mangoes, going termite fishing, and of course staying UP ALL NIGHT! But Jim gets more than a little frustrated when all the things he wanted to do go awry. One by one, everyone else falls asleep, while Jim is determined to stay up. How long will he last? In this delightful addition to the GRUMPY MONKEY series, kids see what happens when you stay awake too late!