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Hannah Sharpe, Cartoon Detective


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Tashjian, Janet & Tashjian, Jake

Hardcover, 320 pages

From the creators of the bestselling My Life series comes a fresh and funny story about Hannah Sharpe—an observant young sleuth on the autism spectrum who likes to solve mysteries by drawing cartoons of her cowboy alter ego, Dusty Pickle—in this colorfully illustrated adventure featuring full-color art on every page. 

Young cartoonist Hannah Sharpe has many strengths: she’s curious, creative, has an amazing memory, and most important—she notices things. When Doug Williams moves into her family’s Airbnb, Hannah can’t shake the feeling that he’s got something to hide. But his girlfriend, Remy Furtado, couldn’t be nicer or more helpful. As Hannah investigates, often with her sketchbook in hand, she makes a series of unsettling discoveries involving stolen packages, changed keypad codes, and hidden stacks of cash. Can Hannah crack the case and unfold the mystery on her own?

Including full-color illustrations with panel art featuring Hannah and her cartoon alter ego, Dusty Pickle, here is a thoughtful and propulsive new book starring a neurodiverse protagonist.