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Simon Seahorse 2 I Spy . . . a Shark!


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Reef, Cora & 

Darcy, Liam

Trade Paperback, 128 pages

Simon Seahorse meets a shark in this second book of The Not-So-Tiny Tales of Simon Seahorse chapter book series—and it turns out sharks make for great stories…and great friends!

Simon and Olive love playing “I Spy” in Coral Jungle because there are so many things to see! There are different types of coral, seagrass, and all sorts of fish. But one day they spy…a shark! They swim away as fast as they can, but the shark catches up to them and introduces herself. And it turns out Simon and Olive—and all of Coral Grove—have a lot to learn about sharks.

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, The Not-So-Tiny Tales of Simon Seahorse chapter books are perfect for emerging readers.