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I Voted


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Shulman, Mark & Bloch, Serge

Trade Paperback, 40 pages

This witty, nonpartisan book helps explain the concept of voting to the youngest readers. Now in paperback!I Voted explains the concept of choosing, individually, and as a group, from making a simple choice: "Which do you like better, apples or oranges?", to selecting a class pet, to even more complicated decisions, like electing community representatives. You may not always get want you want, but there are strategies to better your odds! Serge Bloch's effortless and charming illustrations paired with Mark Shulman's funny and timely text create a perfect resource for discussing current events with your children.

Now with added information about mail-in voting! Backmatter includes information about the United States electoral process.

Selected for the CBC Champions of Change ShowcaseA Junior Library Guild Gold Standard SelectionA Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year