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I Will Read to You


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Sterer, Gideon & Santoso, Charles

Hardcover Picture Book, 40 pages

A gentle blend of spooky and sweet, I Will Read to You is a unique rhyming bedtime tale about empathy, storytime...and monsters. Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved stories-scary ones about skeletons and witches, giants and ghosts, vampires, dragons, mummies and goblins. But he monsters have anyone to read to them? Armed with only a book and a flashlight (and with his bemused mother in tow), he travels through the night, calling together every monster he can think of to make sure they get the bedtime story they need. Delightfully spooky and surprisingly tender, I Will Read to You celebrates monsters, stories, and the way a good book can bring us together. (Don't forget to find the little orange monster hidden on almost every page!)