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Illusions in Art: Animals


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Urban, Chieu Anh & Urban, Chieu Anh

Board Book, 28 pages

These illusions will play tricks on your eyes! ! Find two animals on each page in a clever, stylish exploration of negative and positive space for the very young. Singing, tweeting, small and round. Lion likes this whistler's sound. Look closely. What do you see? Could that be a bird nestled in the curl of Lion's tail? And who is swimming by Whale? Or basking in the sun near Swan? Colorful spreads invite children in with a rhyme that contains a clue, while the bold, graphic design steers the eye to a negative space revealing a hidden familiar animal. Black-and-white spreads at the end depict the same animals again, further clarifying the concept of positive and negative space. Fun and enticing for even the youngest children and a delight for art-oriented parents, this interactive seek-and-find book begs for many repeat sharings.