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Is This . . . Easter?


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Yoon, Helen & Yoon, Helen

Hardcover Picture Book, 32 pages

What's the deal with all the eggs? With her trademark visual humor and comic timing, Helen Yoon takes a look at a puzzling holiday tradition. Look, an egg! An egg left by a bunny! What does that mean? It means it's time to celebrate . . . Easter! Or is it time to celebrate breakfast? In Helen Yoon's scenario, a difference of opinion arises between excitable pups, and the egg bearer (and ultimate squabble settler) is, naturally, an enormous, Zen-like bear wearing tiny bunny ears. As the bear demonstrates, whether it's decorating eggs or eating them, Easter is kind of . . . delicious! Helen Yoon's fresh and hilarious take on the Easter holiday--part of a quirky new series of picture books--is a delightful blend of bumbling affection and slack-jawed wonder.