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Just Right Jillian


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Collier, Nicole D.

Paperback, 224 pages

Pip. Unzip. Escape! It's hatching season, and all of Jemison Elementary is buzzing about the arrival of the baby chicks. Soon, the chicks will pip a hole in their shell, unzip the egg, and take their places in the world. For fifth-grader Jillian, breaking out of her shell is much harder. Jillian is always too shy to raise her hand in class, even when she knows the right answers; meanwhile her nemesis, Rashida, is never afraid to speak her mind. As Jillian's grandma used to say, being shy is one thing, but hiding is something eles. But now Grandma is gone, and Jillian is sick of being invisible. Her school's annual Mind Bender competition is the perfect way for her to come out of her shell. But only the outspoken and confident kids seem to do well. Kids like Rashida. How can Jillian ever compete? With the help of her best fiend, Marquz, and some unexpected allies, and life advice from the baby chicks, Jillian summons the courage to stand up to her fears and let herself be seen and heard. --