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Lila Goes for Gold (American Girl's Girl of the Year 2024)


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Erin, Falligant & To, Vivienne

Trade Paperback, 144 pages

The original, illustrated novel for, Lila, American Girl's 2024 Girl of the Year! Read all about Lila in this book only available wherever books are sold.

Lila's going for Gold--the Gold level gymnastics team. She loves the new challenge, but her best friend and fellow gymnast, Katie, feels stressed by competition. For a dose of fun, the girls go to riding camp to see Lila's favorite horse. But Katie's reaction to riding isn't what Lila expected. It seems like the two of them can't agree on anything anymore. Back at the gym, Lila discovers that their favorite coach might be leaving! Can Lila make the Gold team without her? And will her friendship with Katie survive if she does?