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Lost Whale


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Gold, Hannah

Hardcover, 304 pages

In this gorgeously written standalone by the author of The Last Bear, a boy sent away from his sick mother learns to love and protect the whales she held dear.

Rio’s lost without his mom. It’s always been the two of them, through thick and thin. Now she’s sick, and Rio’s been sent thousands of miles away to live with his grandmother on the coast of California. Alone and adrift, he makes a new friend on the foggy beach—a girl named Marina who teaches him about the massive gray whales that migrate nearby and lets him come aboard her family’s whale watching boat.

As Rio grows to love the whales, he discovers that his mother loved them too. He’s suddenly sure that if he can somehow find a way to connect her with these gentle giants—especially with a particular whale named White Beak—she will get better. But White Beak is missing, and Rio must embark on a desperate journey across the dangerous ocean to find her.