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Madison Morris Is NOT a Mouse!


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Holmes, Kathryn & Landy, Ariel

Paperback, 128 pages

Madison Morris is NOT a Mouse! is the third book in Kathryn Holmes's humorous and heartfelt Class Critters chapter book series about a second-grade class where each kid turns into an animal for a day--featuring cute black-and-white illustrations by Ariel Landy. Madison tries her best to spread joy and be helpful, even when people like her Great-Aunt Joelle seem to think that she can't do or say anything right. Still, she goes into Mrs. Norrell's class with her head held high, ready to brainstorm ideas for her group project on activism. But after her Great-Aunt Joelle shoots down her ideas, she starts to wonder if maybe she isn't really cut out to be a leader or change-maker. Then, something strange happens: Madison turns into a mouse! Her voice is high-pitched and squeaky, her heart beats furiously in her body, and she's so, so small. Luckily, one of her kindhearted classmates, Tally Tuttle, helps to get her to safety so no one squishes her by accident. Will Madison be able to navigate her own insecurities and the unexpected dangers of being a mouse--and turn back into herself before the end of the day? Or will she be stuck eating cheese and hiding from cats for the rest of her life? In the Class Critters chapter book series, Mrs. Norrell's second-grade classroom has magic that allows kids to transform into animals to learn important life lessons. Each book follows a different kid and their animal transformation, and includes fun natural science facts about the featured animal. Includes Black-and-White Illustrations by Ariel Landy