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Mighty Reader Makes the Grade


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Hillenbrand, Will

Trade Paperback, 32 pages

Giant pencils, angry textbooks, and a no-good, awful test are threatening students. It's time for super dog Mighty Reader to save the day!It's the night before a big test at school and pup Lulu's worries have come to life in a horrifying nightmare. How can she defeat the evil beasts of her imagination? With kicking and punching? No! Mighty Reader reminds Lulu how to knock out her fears with reading and partner power--they'll read together! Later he makes an appearance in the classroom to help calm everyone before the big test. A reassuring and fun book for any reader with school- or test-related anxiety. Lovable beagle Mighty Reader is a friend to new readers everywhere. By pairing bright, comic book-style artwork with classroom-approved reading strategies, Will Hillenbrand has created a reading superhero perfect for today's youngsters.