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Minecraft Stonesword Saga 5 Golem's Game!


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Eliopulos, Nick & Random House

Hardcover Paper over boards, 144 pages

Get ready for adventure, laughs, and a dangerous contest in the Nether with the fifth book in the deluxe illustrated hardcover Stonesword saga—the only official Minecraft chapter book series!

Based on the most popular video game of all time, the Stonesword chapter book series takes a group of intrepid Minecraft players deeper into the game than they could have ever imagined. Despite being a great Minecraft player, Morgan feels his leadership of the team slipping away as the next splinter of the Evoker King takes the form of a golem and challenges each member of the team to run a dangerous obstacle course. Normally they would work together, but this time they are each forced to face the challenge alone—with no second chances and a river of hot lava waiting for them if they fail! Find out what happens in the next amazing instalment of the Minecraft Stonesword Chapter Book series.