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Monster and Me 1: Who's the Scaredy-Cat?


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Lane, Cort & Kini, Ankitha

Trade Paperback, 112 pages

This brand-new adventure series is filled with laughs, danger, and facing fears! Follow Freddy von Frankenstein and his monster big brother, F.M., as well as and his adopted sister, a werecat named Riya, as they explore the supernatural mountain they call home and discover all the fantastical creatures living there!It's the day before Freddy's eighth birthday, and he's so excited that he's old enough to go to town for the first time! However, his brother's holographic disguise goes awry, forcing them to run away before the townsfolk realize that F.M. is a big, hulking monster. On their way home, they run into a strange tiger unlike any they've seen before. Freddy zooms away from it, as he's scared of fantastical creatures that weren't created by science, like his brother was.

The next morning, Freddy's parents introduce him to Riya, who mysteriously showed up and needs a place to stay. Freddy is wary, worried that she's going to take his parents' attention away from him, especially on his birthday! He thinks she might be hiding something, but when the tiger comes back and Riya disappears, Freddy has to put his suspicion aside to find her. Can he brave his fear of the fantasticals to get Riya back home safely?