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Mouse Trap Racer Kit


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Watch the power of physics with the 4M Mousetrap Racer Kit. Learn about converting potential energy into kinetic energy this part mousetrap, part car as it races across the floor. This amazing miniature car is powered along with a re-purposed mousetrap spring.

Zoom over 50 feet with the simple mechanics of a spring and string! No need to worry about batteries. 
The young engineer and scientist will soon discover how powerful a coiled spring can be in providing simple elastic, or stored energy. Replace the four wheels with old CDs to see if you can go further or faster. Learn fun facts: What happens if the spring is twisted? How does a spring store energy? What do a mousetrap, clothes pin, and watch all have in common?

Includes: front baseplate (narrow) with spring and wire frame installed, rear baseplate (wide) with axle and winding drum installed, adhesive foam, screws (12), set arm cap case (base and cover), set arm holder case (base and cover, short axle, string, small wheels (4), connecting rods, (2), winding arm, large wheels (4), sticker sheet.