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Mr. Penguin 1 Lost Treasure


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Smith, Alex T.

Trade Paperback, 208 pages

Meet Mr. Penguin: adventurer (and penguin)!

Meet Mr. Penguin: adventurer (and penguin). He has a dashing hat. A battered satchel. And a kung-fu spider sidekick. Now he just needs an adventure!

When Bouddica Bones from the Museum of Extraordinary Objects calls for help, Mr. Penguin swings into action. Can he and Colin the spider find the museum’s missing treasure before bandits do? Or is this the adventure Mr. Penguin should have never answered?

This quirky, slapstick story from Alex T. Smith, author-illustrator of the popular Claude series, is sure to delight young readers looking for adventure and a laugh. Black and orange illustrations throughout. Available in eBook.