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Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: Big Bad Ironclad!


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Hale, Nathan

Hardcover, 128 pages

In author-illustrator Nathan Hale’s Big Bad Ironclad, uncover the story of the American Civil War’s ironclad warships with this Hazardous Tale in the New York Times bestselling graphic novel series!
“These books are, quite simply, brilliant. . . . Thrilling, bloody, action-packed stories from American history.” —New York Times
Ships are great for transport, but when they are made of wood they tend to start leaking when cannons fire upon them. But what if the ship is covered with iron? Assuming it doesn’t sink to the bottom of the ocean, wouldn’t it be stronger and better than any other ship out there? This is the question that begins a race between the North and the South to come up with the biggest, best ironclad warships.
Here is the story of the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia (also called the Merrimack), two of the world’s first ironclad ships, and their fascinating role in the Civil War. Through their ironclad battle, you will get a wider perspective to the war. Meet Abraham Lincoln and his cabinet. Learn about General Winfield Scott’s Anaconda Plan to cut off the South from any outside support. And meet Gideon Welles, Lincoln’s “Father Neptune” and secretary of the Navy.
Sail back in time and learn of a battle that changed warfare, and a war that changed history.