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Oliver and the Night Giants


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O'Meara, Kitty & Pirolli, Anna

Hardcover Picture Book, 44 pages

What would you do if three giants came to your bedroom window one night and invited you to help them fix the world? In the tradition of classic journey stories in children’s literature, this thoughtful, poignant bedtime story is an homage to the power of the imagination and significance of valuing one’s dreams.

Oliver, a young boy and budding artist, has had a rough day. His creativity has been challenged when students in the classroom tease his painting. That evening, three giants appear in Oliver’s bedroom windows as he is drifting off to sleep. The giants convince Oliver to help them with their nighttime work of repairing the world. Oliver helps the giants with a long list of nighttime tasks, from brightening the moon to polishing the stars, from adjusting mountains to creating snowflakes, from planting seeds to calming the sea. As Oliver travels the planet and beyond with the Night Giants as an important part of their team, he learns to lead with his imagination and to value his dreams.