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Pocket Genius Birds of North America


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Trade Paperback, 160 pages

The ultimate pocket-size guide to more than 250 of North America’s feathered residents.
Can American dippers stay under water for as long as half a minute? Why does the golden eagle have feathered legs while the bald eagle’s legs are bare? Is the long-legged, scrappy roadrunner truly able to run circles around a rattlesnake? Whether you are a budding bird-watcher hoping to find species in woodlands or someone curious about the feathered visitors in your own backyard, you can look for answers to all these questions and more in this pocket-size guide to many of the birds in North America. From the common robin to the elusive California condor, the North American continent is home to a rich variety of bird species, which number at more than 2,000. Each one is amazing in its own way, and this fact-filled bird book for kids ages 8–12 helps you learn about many of them. 
Organized clearly by the bird family, the entries in this book are easy to navigate. Stunning, color photographs are paired with small, bite-size chunks of information on each species, including bits on body, feeding style, habitat, range, nests, and flight pattern. Helpful stats and facts provide fun trivia on these North American birds and help you identify them. The reference pages pack in more data with lists of record breakers and endangered species.
The Pocket Eyewitness series is perfect for all children, whether they are learning about birds or are amateur bird spotters already!