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Private Beach: No Platypuses Allowed


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Lescaut, Sophie & Marti, Romina

Hardcover Picture Book, 32 pages

An inspiring, large-hearted picture book that takes on issues of inclusion, bullying, determination, and peaceful resolution in a humorous, touching, and deeply relatable way. This witty, wise, and timeless tale follows the adventures of a lovable family of platypuses. It’s a perfect day for the beach, and Mrs. Duck-billed Platypus, her seven children, and her egg set off for an outing by the sea. But all does not go as planned. One beach does not allow beaks. The next does not permit fur. The platypus gang is turned away again and again, but Mrs. Duck-billed Platypus remains calm and determined to provide her offspring with a beautiful beach experience. On their journey, the platypuses meet many other animals in the same situation. Does Mrs. Duck-billed Platypus save the day for herself, her children, and all of the other animals?