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Rainbow Chameleon


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Yonezu, Yusuke & Yonezu, Yusuke

Board Book, 12 pages

An interactive spin-the-wheel and pull-the-tab book all about color. This adorable board book is filled with bright colors and interactive surprises for little hands. Will the rainbow chameleon blend in, or stand out? Spin the wheel and pull the tabs of this sturdy book to change the chameleon’s colors. Rainbow Chameleon changes colors in order to hide from a snake, a wolf, and a crocodile. But sometimes he also has to change color in order to be noticed—especially when a new friend who he wants to impress enters the picture. This playful, hands-on journey features color dials and pull-tabs perfect for toddlers. The beautiful, lively illustrations and engaging story make for a book that kids will want to read again and again.