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Ninja #2 Red Samurai

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Hall, Tiffiny

B-format Paperback, 224 pages

Life is complicated enough in Year Seven without also being an awesome ninja with extreme powers and trying to keep your secret crush ... secret. What if you had to deal with Samurai attacks and bullies at school, too? Ages: 10+ Roxy is now the White Warrior. She has a crush she is desperate to keep secret, plus the school bully to deal with. Roxy's sister, Elecktra, has always been a great magician, but when she shows off her magic tricks at school, the town of Lanternwood begins to transform with a sense of samurai and the ninjas are no longer safe. there is an enemy lurking and it soon becomes clear that the White Warrior is about to meet her match. Praise for WHITE NINJA: 'Dazzlingly different... a novel about transformation that has the power to transform every reader. tiffiny Hall is the new voice in children's fiction.' - John Marsden **