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Reverse Coloring Book: Through the Seasons


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Norton, Kendra

Paperback, 104 pages

So simple. So profoundly satisfying. Introduced last fall, reverse colouring offers a whole new idea in colouring books and other meditative activities: The book has the colours, and you draw the lines. It's an idea that truly lets your imagination run free while inviting you to slow down, enter a moment of mindfulness, and let your pen find its way over the page. Now comes the second book in the series, The Original Reverse Coloring Book(tm): Through the Seasons, inspired by one of the most enduring motifs in art - how the seasons look and how they change. Created by Kendra Norton, Through the Seasons offers fifty beautiful and whimsical watercolours arranged in a way that flows through the year - spring with its bright florals, summer awash in heavenly greens and blues, the riotous colours of autumn, and the muted, soothing palette of a winter's day. Each image provides a gentle visual guide for daydreamy exploration. Trace the shapes, draw in figures, doodle, shade, cover an area with dots. Be realistic, with a plan, or simply let your imagination drift, as if looking at clouds in the sky. The creative possibilities are endless. Images in the book are printed on sturdy paper that's single-sided and perforated. All you need is a pen.