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Roar! I’m a Dinosaur


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Rainey, Merrill & Rainey, Merrill

Board Book, 16 pages

The first of two roaringly fun shaped board books with die cut eyeholes. When children hold the book up to their faces, they will be transformed into dinosaurs.

Stretch! I'm a brontosaurus! I can feel the breeze!

Stomp! I'm a stegosaurus! I can shake the trees!

In this rhyming, interactive board book with unique die cut eye holes, children can learn how dinosaurs behaved and even become their favorite dinosaur by holding up the book to their face! This novelty format encourages imagination and playtime and the energetic rhyming text is informational and irresistible to read aloud. Each spread calls out a specific action like "crunch" or "soar", inviting readers to mimic the dinosaurs. This is something readers will pick up again and again, because they can roleplay as a t-rex, stegosaurus, and more! The colors are bright, bold, and minimal, and the simple dinosaur trivia is accessible for the youngest dino fans.