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Seinfeld: The Day of Nothing


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Ostow, Micol & Baugus, Brittany

Hardcover Picture Book, 40 pages

Bursting with fan-favorite Seinfeld characters and jokes, this hilarious picture book is the perfect gift for readers of all ages as well as close-talkers, soup-lovers, double-dippers, and anyone needing SERENITY NOW! Jerry wants to be a comic when he grows up, George never misses a nap, Elaine has funky dance moves, and Kramer is . . . unusual. Today these pals "gotta see the baby," but they need to find the perfect gift first. Would the baby like an astronaut pen? A chocolate babka? A tiny puffy shirt? Join the friends as they visit Joe's Fruit Store, the soup place, the bakery--and more! But yada, yada, yada . . . things don't go quite as planned. That doesn't stop the kids from turning what could have been a boring day into one that's filled with a lot of laughs.